100 Days!

100 Days. And it couldn’t be a worse moment to be a Democrat—or the best time to be a Republican.  We stand at the precipice of accomplishing something unimaginable just 1 year ago.  Every radical, “transformational” policy Democrats have peddled has failed—in fact, it has made things worse. Almost every special or off-year election since 2008 has demonstrated the increasing “buyer’s remorse” voters are experiencing.

The Democrat Congress’ approval is at an all-time low at 11% and President Obama’s approval has tanked even further this week to a record low 44%.  Our opponents are divided, in-fighting, blame-shifting, and getting desperate.  The President and his party are so off-putting to voters that they have to beg President Clinton to campaign for their candidates.  Now that’s change!

Meanwhile, GOP enthusiasm, unity, fundraising and polling advantage increase every day.  Our candidates are gaining in strength and momentum; energizing the voters, and talking up the common-sense conservative principles that will rescue the country from Obamanomics.  As Americans are suffering under crippling unemployment rates, things look pretty dark.  But as President Reagan would remind us, it’s the darkness of dawn, not of twilight.  November is coming and it’s Morning in America again.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate to the American people the respect they deserve, to govern with the values they hold dear, to trust them to know best how to run their lives and spend their money, and to watch and see the amazing things they can do when government gets out of their way and the American spirit is unleashed.  I know you feel as blessed as I do to be part of it.

As exciting as these last 100 days will be, and as hard as we’ve worked up to now to build the momentum we’re now enjoying, the fight has really only just begun.  As we roll out new Victory Centers, place field staff, recruit and train volunteers, build the databases, knock on doors, and work the phones, we as Committee Members have a unique role to play.  Our state parties, our candidates, our activists and our voters are looking to us to inspire, to unite, to tackle the challenges that arise with a new spirit and to get our message out onto the airwaves and cyberspace with one voice, and with one driving goal: Victory in November!

So thank you for all you’ve done so far, all you’re doing right now and the incredible effort that I know you’ll be making in the next 100 days!  America is counting on us.

Michael S. Steele


Republican National Committee

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