Judge issues temporary restraining order

A temporary restraining order was issued late Friday by Superior Court Judge Harold Willocks preventing the fraudulent use of the name and identity of the Republican Party for an illegitimate, unlawful gathering scheduled for Saturday on St. Thomas.

Willocks’ three-part order in Canegata v. Schoenbohm (1) grants the temporary restraining order and (2) enjoins defendants Herb Schoenbohm, Warren Bruce Cole, Leigh Goldman, Holland Redfield, Fred Vialet Jr. and James Oliver from “using the ‘Republican Party of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ name” and (3) enjoins defendants Schoenbohm, Cole, Goldman, Redfield, Vialet and Oliver “from using the symbol, emblem or insignia of the Republican National Committee, namely the red, white and blue elephant logo upholding stars across its back.”

The order is effective for 14 days. A hearing on the issuance of a preliminary injunction was scheduled for 1 p.m. June 3.

State Republican chairman John Canegata issued the following statement: “It is clear their intent was to defraud unsuspecting Republican voters with their illegitimate, unlawful gathering of the Schoenbohm Party. The real Republican Party—the Republican National Committee-recognized state party of the Virgin Islands—will hold its legitimate and lawful Republican Territorial Convention on June 11.”

Cole, Goldman, Redfield, Vialet and Oliver were removed with immediate effect Thursday as members of the Republican Party, pursuant to the Rules, Principles and Policies of the Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands.[1] Under party rules, a member must be recognized as being in “good standing” with the state chairman. Schoenbohm, who issued the fraudulent call to the illegal gathering, was removed under a provision of party rules banning convicted felons. Schoenbohm is a felon convicted of fraud.

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