The excitement at the RNC summer meeting was undeniable.  There is victory in the air leading up to 2020 election but you would never believe it if you relied on the MSM.  A rebounded economy that liberals deny exist, lowest unemployment numbers in years for Blacks, Latinos and Asian communities. 5 million Americans off of food stamps. DOW index over 26,000. Tough new trade deals with our foreign partners around the world that favor America. Primarily with China, Canada and Mexico.  Two new conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court and I can go on and on.  Our president is living up to his promises. 

We had dynamic speakers like the president’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and his former COS and my friend Reince Priebus.  We heard from the ever so humble secretary of HUD and no stranger to the VI Dr. Ben Carson, who always has a positive outlook for our country.   
The message at our meeting was all about engagement, recruitment and getting Americans out to vote.  Let the democrats destroy themselves.  
Chairman Canegata spoke to his colleagues on unity and inclusiveness.  Especially regarding the territories.  He made a request of all his colleagues to never minimize the importance of the territories and the  long history that goes back as far Alexander Hamilton…  “We [the territories ]are a part of this process.  Don’t attempt to take this away from us.  We have fought and died for this country. We have earned a right to be at the table”. 

Although the members of the RNC were treated to a ride on the track of the NASCAR speedway the meeting was all business.  The VI is working with the Trump 2020 director to finalize a draft of our rules to present to our state committee. 
If we are going to save our country and keep America great. We need this victory in 2020. 

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