Chairman Steele’s Comments on Latest Primary Results

Dear RNC Members,

We had some great press this week, from the primaries to Chairman Steele’s media hits. Below are some of the highlights from our press shop. Have a great weekend.

*Democrats Running for the Hills:* Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele published an OpEd in the Daily Caller on Friday, June 11 highlighting the fact that last week Democrats across the country cleared their calendars of any potential encounter with voter ire. The New York Times reported that the absence of Democrat lawmakers from the town hall circuit was part of a coordinated effort to avoid explaining the serious negative impact of their $2.5 trillion government takeover of healthcare. In the piece, Chairman Steele calls on all Congressional Democrats to “come out from under your desk, schedule some wide-open town halls, face the voters and defend your ‘record.’”

*A Big Week For Republican Women:* Tuesday’s primary results marked not just a great night for the GOP in general, but for Republican women as well. Among the dozens of women running for statewide and federal office this November is Sharron Angle who has, arguably the GOP’s top target, Majority Leader Reid in her crosshairs and California’s statewide GOP ballot will be headlined by two strong female candidates in Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. Finally, in South Dakotans Republicans nominated Kristi Noem for their at-large congressional seat. To view Chairman Steele’s statements, click here .

*GOP Pushing Back On Dem Efforts to Re-sell ObamaCare:* Democrats this week chose to renew the health care debate with a “tele-townhall” event on Tuesday and a web video on Thursday that was long on scare tactics and short on any real facts. The RNC facilitated a bracketing press conference call with Sen. Tom Coburn and Sen. John Barrasso, both medical doctors, to counter the town hall event which successfully generated positive media coverage for continued Republican opposition to the bill. In addition, regional bracketing efforts will be utilized in order to counter local health care events organized by Organizing for America and the DNC. The fact that Democrats have chosen to reignite the health care debate shows that they are worried about its impact in the November midterm elections.

*RNC Begins Rolling Out 2010 Victory Operations:* On Tuesday, June 1 Republicans in Nevada selected Brian Sandoval for Governor, Sharron Angle for Senate and Joe Heck in the Third Congressional District. Following their historic victories, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and RNC Committeeman Governor Bob List held a conference call to discuss the party’s victory operation in Nevada. During the call Chairman Steele called Sharron Angle a common sense leader who’ll bring a good, fresh look at the issue . Steele added that this election will be about Harry Reid and Barack Obama and that the Republican National Committee will work to ensure Angle and our great Republicans candidates will have the resources necessary.

*RNC Building Operations In Not Just The Usual Swing States: * If Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts early this year proved anything, it’s that no seat is safe, and no state is too blue to turn red – including Maryland. For the past year Chairman Steele and the RNC have been helping the Maryland GOP rebuild their Party . On Thursday, June 10, MD Chairman Audrey Scott – along with Chairman Steele, Mitt Romney, Governor Bob and others – kicked their campaign season with the State’s Red, White and Blue Dinner. Thursday night’s dinner raised about $200,000 , which will be used for field operations leading up to November. Momentum was in the air with a new Rasmussen poll that came out a few hours before putting the governor’s race at a dead heat.



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*/Associated Press/: “California Republicans Tap Women To Lead Ticket.”* (David Espo, /The Associated Press /, 6/9/10)

*/The Los Angeles Times/: “Whitman, Fiorina Cruise To Victories.” *(Cathleen Decker, /The Los Angeles Times /, 6/9/10)**

*CBS News’ Stephanie Condon: “GOP Women Dominate In Tuesday’s Elections.”* (Stephanie Condon, CBS News’ Political Hotsheet , 6/9/10)

* *

*MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: “[T]Here Is Something Going On With Conservative Women Able To Tap Into The Base Of The Party.”* (NBC’s “The Today Show,” 6/9/10)

*CBS News: “Female Politicians, Particularly From The Republican Party, Emerged As Victors From Tuesday’s Elections.” *(Stephanie Condon, “GOP Women Dominate In Tuesday’s Elections,” CBSNews , 6/9/10)

· *“Fiorina Blew Two Male Competitors Out Of The Water, Garnering 56 Percent Of The Vote, And Will Now Go On To Challenge One Of California’s Two Sitting Female Senators — Barbara Boxer, A Three-Term Democrat.”* (Stephanie Condon, “GOP Women Dominate In Tuesday’s Elections,” CBSNews , 6/9/10)

*/ /*

*/Washington Post’s /Chris Cilliza/:/* “*WINNERS: *Republican Women**:* For A Party Struggling To Break The Stereotype That It Is Controlled By Old White Men, Tuesday’s Primaries Were A Major Victory For The GOP.” *(Chris Cillizza “Super Duper Tuesday: The Winners And Losers,” /Washington Post , /6/9/10)

· *Cillizza: “From Haley To Nevada Senate Nominee Sharron Angle To Former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman And Former Hewlett Packard Executive Carly Fiorina In California (And Add New Mexico Gubernatorial Nominee Susana Martinez Who Won Last Week), It’s Clear That Republicans Have A Slate Of Candidates They Can Take To The American Public To Make The Case That The Face Of The Grand Old Party Has Changed In A Fundamental Way.”* (Chris Cillizza, “Super Duper Tuesday: The Winners And Losers,” /The Washington Post ,/ 6/9/10)

*/The Associated Press/: “It’s Looking Like A New ‘Year Of The Woman’ In Politics… Republican Women, In Particular, Served Notice To The Old Boys Of The Party.” *(Liz Sidoti, “Year Of The Political Woman Redux? Looks That Way,” /The Associated Press /, 6/9/10)

*/The Christian Science Monitor/: “Tuesday’s Results Showed That It’s A New Day For Republican Women…”* (Linda Feldmann, “Blanche Lincoln In Surprise Win In Arkansas; GOP Women Triumph, Too,” /The Christian Science Monitor /, 6/9/10)

*/U.S. News & World Report: /“Last Night Was A Great Night For Republicans Across The Board. Here Are Five Reasons Why Republicans Are So Happy With The Results Of Yesterday’s Primaries: 1. Republican Women Ruled.” *(Mary Kate Cary, “5 Reasons Why Tuesday’s Primaries Bode Well For Republicans,” U.S. News & World Report , 6/9/10)

*/NYT/: “In South Carolina, Nikki Haley Moved Closer To Becoming The First Female Governor Of South Carolina…”* (Jeff Zeleny & Adam Nagourney, “Lincoln Bucks Tide; Business Leaders Win In California,” /The New York Times /, 6/8/10)

*/NYT/: “In California, Republican Primary Voters Chose Female Business Executives To Run For Senate And For Governor After Both Crushed Their Opponents.”* (Jeff Zeleny & Adam Nagourney, “Lincoln Bucks Tide; Business Leaders Win In California,” /The New York Times /, 6/8/10)

*/National Journal’s/ The Hotline: “In A Year Of ‘Outsiders,’ Women – Esp. Those Who Aren’t Part Of The Traditional Establishment (Haley, Whitman And Fiorina) Shine.”* (/National Journal’s/ “The Hotline” Blog, 6/9/10)

*MSNBC’s Kelly O’Donnell: “There Were Women Candidates Making Victory Speeches Across The Country, Most Of Them Republicans.”* (NBC’s The Today Show, 6/9/10)

*CBS’s Tara Mergener: “Well, The Battle Lines Were Certainly Drawn Yesterday In Key Races, Some Of The Big Winners, GOP Women.”* (CBS’s “CBS Morning News,” 6/9/10)

*Scripps News: “With That As A Baseline, It’s Easy To See How 2010 Could End Up Being The Year Of Republican Women In American Politics, If Meg Whitman Becomes California’s First Female Governor And Carly Fiorina Beats Longtime Incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer In November.”* (Bonnie Erbe,” Erbe: Is 2010 The Year Of GOP Women?” /Scripps News /, 6/9/10)

*Fox New Channel’s Steve Doocy:* *“The Biggest Winners Of Last Night’s Primaries Are Shaping Up To Be Republican Women. From Coast To Coast, They’ve Taken The Top Tickets In Nevada, South Carolina And California.”* (FNC, 6/9/10)

*/The Associated Press/: “Once, California Democrats Led The Way To A Year Of The Women. Now, Nearly Two Decades Later, Republicans Hope It’s Their Turn.”* (David Espo, “California Republicans Tap Women To Lead Ticket,” /The Associated Press /, 6/9/10)

*/The San Francisco Chronicle: “/In California, Where Democratic Women Like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Shattered The Political Glass Ceiling Long Ago, Republicans Scored A First In Tuesday’s Primary With Historic Wins By Two High-Profile Corporate Women – Nominating Meg Whitman As The GOP’s Candidate For Governor And Carly Fiorina For U.S. Senate.” *(Carla Marinucci, “Fiorina, Whitman Poised To Challenge Status Quo,” /San Francisco Chronicle /, 6/9/10)

*/The Los Angeles Times/: “California Republicans Reached For History In Tuesday’s Primary Elections, As Meg Whitman Claimed The Party’s Nomination For Governor And Carly Fiorina Won The GOP Race For The U.S. Senate, Results That Gave Women The Republican Nominations For The Two Most Powerful Statewide Political Offices For The First Time.”* (Cathleen Decker, “Whitman, Fiorina Cruise To Victories,” /The Los Angeles Times /, 6/9/10)

*/Sacramento Bee/: “She [Whitman] And U.S. Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina Made History By Becoming The First Women To Win The California Republican Party’s Nomination To The State’s Highest Elected Offices.”* (Jack Chang, “Meg Whitman Won With Money, Marketing,” /Sacramento Bee’s “Capitol Alert” Blog /, 6/8/10)

*/Politico’s/ Maggie Haberman: “Republicans On Tuesday Chose Two Women — Both Former Silicon Valley Ceos Who Have Never Run For Office Before — As Their Candidates For Senate And Governor…”* (Maggie Haberman, “Ceos Vs. Politicians In California,” /Politico /, 6/9/10)


*/The Associated Press/: “In A Statement, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Promised That Angle Would Get The Support From The National Party She Needs To Win.”* (Michael R. Blood, “GOP Picks NV Tea Party Candidate In Reid Battle,” /The Associated Press /, 6/9/10)

· *“Michael Steele: Sharron Angle ‘Is The Standard-Bearer’ Of The NV GOP” *(Evan McMorris – Santoro, “Michael Steele: Sharron Angle “Is The Standard-Bearer’ Of The NV GOP,” /Talking Points Memo , /6/9/10)**

* *

*“On A Call With Reporters This Morning, RNC Chair Michael Steele Called His New Senate Nominee In Nevada, Tea Party Favorite Sharron Angle, A ‘Common Sense’ Leader Who’ll Bring A ‘Good, Fresh Look At The Issues’ To The Race Against Sen. Harry Reid (D).”* (Evan McMorris – Santoro, “Michael Steele: Sharron Angle “Is The Standard-Bearer’ Of The NV GOP,” /Talking Points Memo , /6/9/10)

*“He Said The RNC Is ‘Fully-Committed’ To Helping Angle Win, And Promised To Bolster Her Shoestring Campaign With National And State Republican Resources ‘Within The Next 10 Days.’” *(Evan McMorris – Santoro, “Michael Steele: Sharron Angle “Is The Standard-Bearer’ Of The NV GOP,” /Talking Points Memo , /6/9/10)**

*Politico: “Steele Promised Reporters A ‘Particular Focus’ On Defeating Reid, Whose Defeat Would Also Serve As A Victory Trophy For Republicans This Cycle, Calling It His ‘Goal’ To Fire The Majority Leader.” *(Shira Toeplitz, “Steele Promises RNC Support For Angle,” /Politico /, 6/9/10)**

* *

*FOX News: “Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Said He Was Thrilled That Voters Chose Candidates Like Angle To Represent The Party In November.” *(“Angle Catapults From Obscurity,” /FOX News /, 6/9/10)

* *

*/The Christian Science Monitor/: “Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Promised That Angle Would Get The Support From The National Party She Needs To Win.”* (Michael R. Blood, “In Nevada US Senate Race, It’ll Be Harry Reid Vs. Sharron Angle,” /The Christian Science Monitor /, 6/9/10)


*“[M]ost Analysts Agree That President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party Is In For A Rough Time In November And That It Will Likely Lose Seats In The House, The Senate And In State Capitals Across The Country.”* (Cindy Saine, “Women Candidates Score Big Victories In US Primary Races,” VOA News , 6/9/10)

*/Politico/: “GOP’s Statehouse Position Strong.”* (Shira Toeplitz, “GOP’s Statehouse Position Strong,” /Politico /, 6/9/10)

· *“Republicans Got Their Choice Slate Of Candidates In Tuesday’s Primary Votes For Governors… Republicans’ Prospects Were Boosted By Primary Wins By Former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman In California, Former Gov. Terry Branstad In Iowa And, Perhaps Most Of All, The Loss Of Gov. Jim Gibbons In The Nevada GOP Primary To Former Attorney General Brian Sandoval.”* (Shira Toeplitz, “GOP’s Statehouse Position Strong,” /Politico /, 6/9/10)**

*MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: “[Lincoln’s] Chances [In November] Weren’t Very Good. And Neither Were Bill Halter’s Chances, Which Is Why, Frankly, A Lot Of Folks At The White House Were Going To Labor, Why Are You Just Pouring $10 Million Down A Rat Hole That Was — You Were Never Going To Get Back?”* (NBC’s “The Today Show,” 6/9/10)

· *Larry Sabato “I Think [Lincoln] Is Going To Lose In November.”* (Cindy Saine, “Women Candidates Score Big Victories In US Primary Races,” VOANews , 6/9/10)

*“North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven Officially Became The State’s GOP Senate Nominee Tuesday Night, A Mere Formality For The Odds-On Favorite To Win The Open Seat In November.”* (Jessica Brady, “Hoeven Officially Becomes GOP Senate Nominee In North Dakota,” /Congressional Quarterly ,/ 6/8/10)

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