Does Plaskett live off slush funds?


Virgin Islanders deserve to know how incumbent Del. Stacey Plaskett lives when her financial disclosure form is blank.

Plaskett, a freshman Democrat from Frederiksted, is running for re-election against Republican nominee Gordon Ackley. She reports no assets over $1,000 in value, according to her financial disclosure form on file with the clerk of the House of Representatives. Plaskett also didn’t report a pension or 401(k) retirement fund, despite years of service as a career attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Bronx County district attorney in New York City.

“Congresswoman Plaskett’s blank financial disclosure form raises serious questions,” said Jevon Williams, the Republican national committeeman for the Virgin Islands. “How does someone with no house, no car, no mortgage, no credit card debts, no stocks or bonds—literally nothing but the clothes on their back—live unless they use either their campaign committee or official congressional office expense account as slush funds to pay living expenses?”

To answer these serious questions, Plaskett must release not only her tax returns but also all of her official congressional office expense reports.

“Virgin Islanders deserve full transparency from Congresswoman Plaskett,” said Williams. “Unless she has something to hide, Congresswoman Plaskett should release her tax return and congressional expense reports.”

Plaskett and her husband have received thousands of dollars in payments from her re-election campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records. The campaign has also paid thousands in unusual travel and hotel expenses, according to the same campaign finance disclosure records.

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