GOP approves platform, passes rules

Virgin Islanders joined fellow Republicans from across the country in adopting the GOP platform and approving the party rules that will be in effect between now and the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Alternate Delegate April Newland (St. Thomas) represented the Virgin Islands on the Platform Committee, where she fought to ensure the five U.S. territories are on par with the 50 states and the District of Columbia for the purposes of federal programs.

“Our party platform affirms our Republican beliefs and principles,” said Newland, the vice chairman of the Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands. “No platform is ever perfect, but this year’s platform presents Americans with a clear alternative to the failed policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

On the newly-approved rules, National Committeeman-elect Jevon Williams (St. Croix) said: “All sides of the Republican Party were heard during the deliberations over the new party rules. These rules will govern the GOP through the 2020 campaign for the presidential nomination.”

On the floor through the day was Delegate David Johnson (St. Croix), who serves as whip for Virgin Islands delegation.

“We sent a strong message that Republicans, regardless of whom they supported during the nomination campaign, are unified behind Donald Trump,” said Johnson. “At the same time, Democrats are struggling to unify behind Hillary Clinton, who was soundly rejected by millions of Democrats in primaries and caucuses across the country.”

Joining the Virgin Islands delegation on the floor is Gordon Ackley, the Republican nominee for Congress.

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