GOP condemns Plaskett’s deplorable exploitation of identity politics

Incumbent Del. Stacey Plaskett invoked racism in closed-door remarks last weekend to an American University alumni event, according to recently-released video of her speech.

“We can’t be accomplished if our race is not accomplished,” Plaskett told the Black Alumni Alliance. “We have the education, we have the wherewithal, we have been given the tools to really stand up for our race.”

Responding to Plaskett, Republican National Committeeman Jevon Williams condemned Plaskett for invoking identity politics.

“Exploiting the politics of race is deplorable and has no place in Virgin Islands politics,” said Williams, who immigrated to the Virgin Islands as a teenager and later served multiple tours of duty with the Army National Guard. “Black, brown, yellow, white or mixed, we are all Virgin Islanders. Congresswoman Plaskett shouldn’t look at us and see our color or creed. She should see Virgin Islanders.”

Plaskett, a freshman Democrat from Frederiksted, is running for re-election against Republican nominee Gordon Ackley.

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