In case you missed it: Democrat-Controlled Board Cancels GOP Primary

The following was published today in The Washington Free Beacon, a D.C.-based news outlet:

Republicans in the American Virgin Islands claim that the territory’s Democrat-controlled government squashed their primary vote to keep the GOP off the November ballot.

The Virgin Islands Republican Party filed suit in the territory’s district court against the Joint Board of Elections for rejecting the party’s petition to hold a primary. The party says the board refused to recognize its call for a primary, nor did it notify Republicans about the state of its application until after the filing deadline had already passed. It is now suing to get the party’s nominee, Air Force veteran Gordon Ackley, onto the ballot.

“The Joint Board intentionally, maliciously and specifically waited until after the deadline for the submission of nomination petitions to notify the Republican Party of the Joint Board’s decision,” the suit says.

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