Is the media’s love affair over? Look at what they are saying about Obama’s national address on the Gulf oil disaster

What They Are Saying …

Obama’s Speech “Fails To Impress”

The New York Times: “[A] Speech That Was Short On Specifics And Devoid Of Self-Criticism.” (Editorial, “From The Oval Office,” The New York Times, 6/15/10)

Vanity Fair’s Matt Pressman: “Obama Address Fails To Impress.” (Matt Pressman, Vanity Fair’s VF Daily Blog, 6/16/10)

The Associated Press: “Obama’s Oil Speech Panned: Short On Details, Broader Climate Plan” (Jennifer Loven, “Obama’s Oil Speech Panned: Short On Details, Broader Climate Plan,” Associated Press, 6/15/10)

National Journal’s Wake-Up Call: “Did anyone like Obama’s address last night? If the goal was to reassure nervous Dems that the WH can turn around perceptions of a competence-gap, it missed the mark.” (“Wake Up Call!” National Journal, 6/16/10)

Politico: “[T]he most intense negative reaction to any major public appearance he has given as president.” (Andy Barr, “Pundits Boo Obama Speech,” Politico, 6/16/10)

  • “Common themes were that Obama did not project a sense of executive command and was too light on details about both the clean-up and the energy legislation he is pushing in the wake of the disaster.” (Andy Barr, “Pundits Boo Obama Speech,” Politico, 6/16/10)

Baltimore Sun: “Obama’s Speech: Not Good Enough” (Editorial, “Editorial, Obama’s Speech: Not Good Enough,” Baltimore Sun, 5/16/10)

Politico’s Mike Allen: “It’s The First Obama Speech Ever Panned By The Talking Heads. Allies Found It Too Timid.” (Mike Allen, “Pundits Pan Obama,” Politico Playbook, 6/16/10)

Slate: “[T]here Was Something Lacking. Maybe That’s To Be Expected When You Use The Terminology Of Mathematics While Playing By The Laws Of Politics.” (John Dickerson, “Deflection Point,” Slate, 6/15/10)

Newsweek: “Obama’s Speech Was Like A Powerpoint Presentation With The Last Few Slides Missing.” (Daniel Gross, “BP – Blah Performance,” Newsweek, 6/16/10)

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz: “One Point Seems Clear: Had Obama Given This Address Three Weeks Ago, He Would Have Been Seen As Getting Out In Front Of A Burgeoning Problem. Now He Looked Like He Was Playing Catchup.” (Howard Kurtz, “Obama’s War Footing,” The Washington Post, 6/16/10)

Politico’s Roger Simon: “Nobody Is More Impressed Than I Am In The President’s Ability To Inspire. But I Am Not Sure His Speech Was All That Inspirational.” (Roger Simon, “Obama Promises A Brighter Day (Details To Come),” Politico, 6/15/10)

Politico’s Jonathan Allen: “The President Killed Cap And Trade Tuesday, Damning It With No Praise.” (Jonathan Allen, “Carbon Neutral,” Politico “The Huddle” Blog, 6/16/10)

New York Post’s Kirsten Powers: “If You Missed The Speech, Don’t Worry: Marshmallows Have More Substance.” (Kirsten Powers, “Deepwater Obama,” New York Post, 6/16/10)

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