Message From Ohio GOP Leader

Dear Fellow Republican,

On Thursday the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously rejected an attempt by liberal special interest groups and Democrats to deny Ohioans a vote on health care freedom. The court decision ensures that our many months of hard work – and the hundreds of man hours we dedicated toward our goal in conjunction with the Ohio Liberty Council- has officially paid off. A YES VOTE on Issue 3 in November will protect Ohio against job-crushing government mandated health care!

Hours following the ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion declaring Obamacare’s individual mandate requirement, the financial lifeline of the law, unconstitutional. While these court rulings clearly favor consumer choice and health care freedom, shadow special interest groups are now pulling out all the stops to ensure that job-killing Obamacare becomes law in Ohio. It’s now our job, as voters in November, to finally pull the plug on Obamacare.

The Ohio Republican Party was hard at work this past week communicating the stakes of the upcoming November elections and raising valuable resources in Williams, Lucas, and Allen Counties. I also enjoyed attending the Licking County Booster Club Picnic with Chairman Rod Yost and fifty energized Republicans.

Here in Ohio we’re working to organize against partisan unions who will stop at nothing to cripple our state’s economic recovery being championed by the reasonable reforms and pro-jobs agenda outlined by Governor John Kasich. The Ohio Republican Party was pleased to provide many of you with the opportunity to make Get Out the Vote calls this past week in defense of recalled Wisconsin state senators who are up against a similar fight in their state. On Friday, I welcomed Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to Cincinnati, and he conveyed his sense of gratitude for our hard work in defense of taxpayers in his home state of Wisconsin.

Chairman’s Speaker Series – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Friday, September 16 the Ohio Republican Party will host Phil Castellini, Chief Operating Officer of the Cincinnati Reds, and Paul Dolan, Chairman & CEO of the Cleveland Indians, in Columbus for a business person’s lunch discussion about the history and influence of America’s Pastime in Ohio. Tickets for this event are going quickly, so if you would like to RSVP, please contact Rita Graham at (614) 228-2481, or email her at If you’re a lover of baseball like myself, this is an event you’ll surely not want to miss!

Respectfully yours,

Kevin DeWine
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party

PS. PORTMAN PRAISE – Ohio Senator Rob Portman is a steadfast fiscal conservative with a history of respect and praise as a bipartisan “consensus builder.” We are proud that Senator Portman has been selected to serve in a post of such critical importance to our nation’s fiscal health, and bring you examples of what media outlets are saying about Portman’s position on the debt reduction supercommittee.


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