Plaskett facing House ethics complaint

A formal complaint was registered Wednesday against incumbent Del. Stacey Plaskett for violations of House of Representatives ethical rules and regulations.

The complaint, filed by the Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands with the House Committee on Ethics and the independent, non-partisan Office of Congressional Ethics, asks for a congressional investigation into Plaskett’s use of official congressional resources.

“Anyone who has ever held a real job knows you can’t exploit company resources,” said Republican Party chairman John Canegata. “Unfortunately, Congresswoman Plaskett never learned that lesson because she has spent her entire career in government, working off the taxpayer dime. Using taxpayer-funded congressional resources for her personal and political matters isn’t just wrong, it’s illegal.”

Upon returning to work Tuesday after the summer recess, Plaskett, D-Frederiksted, used an email newsletter to attack Republican nominee for Congress Gordon Ackley. The email newsletter was sent during office hours, raising questions over whether Plaskett has the required separation between her official congressional office and her re-election campaign. Plaskett’s official congressional office press secretary is also a campaign staffer.

It was also discovered that Plaskett’s official congressional office press secretary edited her entry in Wikipedia, an online crowd-sourced encyclopedia, on at least four occasions.

Plaskett also used her official congressional office on July 21 to respond to the release of a sexually-themed photograph sent by SMS messaging in what she called a “personal” and “private” matter. It is unclear if an official congressional device was used to capture or transmit the photograph.

As of Wednesday morning, Plaskett’s campaign is using her official congressional office Twitter account.

Additionally, congressional office press releases were re-published verbatim on Plaskett’s website. Plaskett’s campaign also uses her official congressional office biography as the
campaign biography.

Download (PDF, 115KB)

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