Plaskett needs to answer these questions


Incumbent Del. Stacey Plaskett needs to come out of the incumbent protection program and answer these questions from the Virgin Islands press corps:

Question: How does she live when her financial disclosure form, filed with the clerk of the House of Representatives, is blankplaskett-questions-meme?

The congresswoman owns no assets—not even a car, house, pension or 401(k) retirement fund—over $1,000 in value, according to Plaskett’s 2015 financial disclosure form.

Question: Will Plaskett release her tax returns and official congressional office expense reports to prove that she isn’t falsifying financial disclosures or misusing taxpayer funds to pay her daily living expenses?

Plaskett’s re-election campaign has paid for an excessive number of flights and hotels, including in the Virgin Islands where she purportedly lives, according to federal campaign finance records on file with the Federal Election Commission.

Question: When will Plaskett comply with the basic rules of running for public office?

Plaskett signs across the territory lack a paid-for-by disclaimer, which is required under federal campaign finance law. Recall that Plaskett filed a campaign finance complaint against her opponent for the Democratic nomination during the primary election campaign. Plaskett has previously paid five fines to the Federal Election Commission for violations of federal elections law.

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