Plaskett’s empty financial disclosure form raises more questions than it answers

A review of Del. Stacey Plaskett’s financial disclosure form raises more questions than it answers.

Plaskett’s financial disclosure for the year 2015, filed in May with the clerk of the House of Representatives, reveals the freshman Democrat from Frederiksted claims zero assets of her own.

“It would surprise most Virgin Islanders to learn Congresswoman Plaskett claims not to have a car or house, any property, no plaskett-disclosure-mememortgage, no credit card debts, no stocks, no retirement funds—nothing,” said Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands chairman John Canegata. “Virgin Islanders deserve full transparency from Congresswoman Plaskett, who should follow the lead of former Secretary Hillary Clinton and release her tax returns.”

In 2014, she reported earning $17,717.31 as an attorney. Despite a long career in federal and local government as an attorney, Plaskett’s financial disclosure lists no pension or 401(k). She does, however, disclose she is subject to Internal Revenue Service tax liens and an outstanding U.S. Department of Education loan for law school.

All 441 members of the House of Representatives, as well as each candidate for the lower chamber in Congress, are required to file a financial disclosure form with House clerk’s office.

Questions over Plaskett’s financial disclosure come the same week a formal complaint was filed against her with the House Committee on Ethics and the independent, non-partisan Office of Congressional Ethics. She was also reprimanded Wednesday by the speaker pro tempore on the floor of the House of Representatives after making a partisan political speech against the Republican presidential nominee from the chamber floor.

Plaskett defends herself saying she uses her official congressional office to “efficiently run” her re-election campaign, however, it is unlawful under well-established House rules for members to use official congressional offices, official congressional office resources or any congressional property for partisan politics and electioneering.

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