RNC Talking Points: McDonald v. Chicago June 28, 2010

McDonald v. Chicago – Gun Rights Case Talking Points

  • The Supreme Court’s decision today in McDonald v. Chicago affirms the fundamental Constitutional right of all Americans to keep and bear arms.
  • This is a fundamental right which is deeply rooted in our nation’s history and traditions.
  • The Supreme Court’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, recognized that the Second Amendment protects the individual right of Americans to keep and bear arms.
  • The Court’s decision in McDonald, expands on the Court’s 2008 ruling in Heller and now the 2nd amendment  applies, not just to federal jurisdictions, but to state and local governments, as well.
  • Let us be clear, the Second Amendment is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. It is a right to self-defense that is deeply entwined with our nation’s history and traditions. The Court’s ruling affirmed that history and the law.
  • It is interesting to see that Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented in the case, though during her confirmation she stated that she would respect precedent.
  • Justice Sotomayor’s decision forces us to raise important questions of all of President Obama’s judicial nominees, including Solicitor General Elena Kagan. The American people will not stand for a judiciary that rules not on the law but on political ideology and personal feelings.
  • When Justice Sotomayor was going through her confirmation she stated she wouldn’t base her judgment on her “personal experiences” or her “feelings” or “biases”, Today’s actions speak louder than yesterday’s words.
  • Our elected representatives wield great power. Our unelected members of the judiciary wield equally great power. But it’s our individual citizens who wield the most. As Americans, we will hold the Obama Administration and Senate Democrats to account. We will work to elect Senators that not only respect the law, but support judges who do the same.

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