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Republican Women Soar in Primaries

· Last night’s primary election results were a testament to the strong Republican women stepping up to lead our Party to victory in November.  These women are rejecting what they see going on in Washington. Our country is now more than $13 trillion in debt, with more deficit spending proposed in the last two years than the previous 222 combined.
· The major Republican women who won their primaries last night have the values, experience, and ideas to get America back on the track to prosperity.
· Women make 75% of the buying decision and 80% of the health care decisions. They are often the ones in the family who balance the family checkbook and take care of doctor’s visits.
· The Republican Party has been actively recruiting female candidates and engaging women across the country in a series of Regional Women’s Summits designed to recruit and train women to be both candidates and activists.
· The Republican Party is making great strides in growing its female base, reaching out to all women, and appealing to more and more voters who are alarmed about the out of control spending and loss of jobs. This diverse group includes women from all walks of life including school teachers, small business owners, attorneys and entrepreneurs.
· This year, we are seeing a groundswell of women activists and volunteers working to support Republican candidates and state parties all across the U.S.
· The Republican National Committee is proud of the fact that more Republican women are choosing to run for elected office and we will fully support each Republican nominee to ensure victory in November.
Regional Women’s Summits

· Since May of last year, the RNC has engaged female elected leaders, volunteers, and supporters in a series of regional and National women’s summits aimed at motivating women to get involved in Republican politics either by running for office themselves or working to elect candidates they believe in.  [Minneapolis, MN; Columbus, OH; Honolulu,  HI; Denver, CO and Washington, DC]
· These summits provide the tools for women to run for office, take on leadership roles in their communities and become leaders in campaigns to elect Republicans.

“Career politicians in Sacramento and Washington be warned – you now face your worst nightmare; two business women from the real world who know how to create jobs, balance budgets and get things done!”Meg Whitman, 6/8/10

Carly Fiorina: 56.4%
Dem Opponent: Sen. Barbara Boxer, 3 term incumbent

  • Carly Fiorina is a proven leader and she will serve as a fresh voice in the U.S. Senate when she replaces Barbara Boxer, whose partisan pandering and extreme economic policies are completely out-of-step with voters in her state.
  • Over the course of 27 years in Washington, Senator Barbara Boxer has become increasingly disconnected from California.  Republicans are confident that this election will be a referendum on Barbara Boxer and her failed economic policies for the Golden State.

    • It was Barbara Boxer who promised the so-called $862 billion would ‘create or save’ 400,000 jobs, but it hasn’t.
    • The unemployment rate in California is 12.6 percent – the third highest in the country – and there are over 2 million unemployed Californians looking for a job.
  • Californians are becoming increasingly frustrated with having a pure partisan like Barbara Boxer in the Senate and this November they will finally have a chance to replace her.

Meg Whitman: 64.1%
Dem Opponent: Fmr. Gov. Jerry Brown, 40 years in politics

  • Through Meg Whitman’s conservative economic principles, she will make the Golden State far more efficient and effective by cutting through the partisan gridlock in Sacramento so California can have a balanced budget.
  • Jerry Brown is a career politician and his failed 1970s policies are not the solutions for California’s ailing economy.
  • Only Meg Whitman has the experience needed to help the over two million Californians find a job and get California working again.
  • During Jerry Brown’s last term as governor, California’s unemployment rate nearly doubled to a then record high of 11 percent.
  • While Brown was Governor, state spending increased by 120 percent, he raised taxes, and still left a billion dollar deficit.


Sharron Angle: 40.1%
Dem Opponent: Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader

  • Sharron Angle has energized Republicans receiving 700,000 votes, just over 40%, of the Republican vote in a four person race.
  • Sharron Angle is the only candidate who will focus on creating jobs.  Harry Reid’s failed economic policies, like his failed $862 billion stimulus, are the reason the unemployment rate is 13.7 percent in Nevada.
  • This election is a referendum on Harry Reid and his failed economic policies.

    • When Harry Reid muscled through his so-called $862 billion stimulus though the Senate, he promised it would ‘create or save’ 34,000 jobs, but that statement was unfortunately a farce for the people of Nevada.
    • The unemployment rate in Nevada is currently 13.7 percent – the second highest in the country – and there are over 193,000 unemployed Nevadans looking for a job.
  • While the press is ready to declare victory for Reid, the fact is the latest Mason-Dixon Polling had Sharron Angle beating Reid.  Furthermore Reid’s approval ratings have consistently been stuck in the 30s.

    • May:  Senator Reid’s approval rating was 37 percent with his disapproval rating at 49 percent.
    • February: Senator Reid’s approval rating was 33 percent with his disapproval rating at 51 percent.
    • December:  Senator Reid’s approval rating was 38 percent with his disapproval rating at 49 percent.
    • October:  Senator Reid’s approval rating was 38 percent with his disapproval rating at 49 percent.
    • August:  Senator Reid’s approval rating was 37 percent with his disapproval rating at 50 percent.
  • Nevadans will continue to support Sharron Angle over Harry Reid, because she is the true conservative that is focused on less spending and less government.

New Mexico

Susana Martinez: 50.7%
Dem Opponent: Diane Denish, Lt. Gov.

  • Martinez is the first ever Hispanic women nominated to be Governor by either major party in New Mexico.
  • Susana Martinez is the District Attorney for the 3rd Judicial District in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, a position she has held for 13 years.
  • Martinez is a supporter of Arizona’s immigration law and taking a tough stance on criminals and drug traffickers.
  • Martinez plans to focus her campaign on jobs, spending, education, and ending corruption in government.

    • Martinez pledges to lower taxes and reduce spending, as well as make New Mexico safe, prosperous, and free of corruption.
  • Martinez and Denish are currently tied in the polls.  Both candidates would be the first women Governor in New Mexico history.
  • Martinez is pro-life and strongly supports the 2nd Amendment.

South Dakota

Kristi Noem: 42.1%
Dem Opponent: Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Incumbent

  • Noem won over 42% of the primary vote, leading Secretary of State Chris Nelson by more than 7%.
  • Noem has served as a South Dakota State Representative for four years.
  • Noem has become the second ranking South Dakota Republican in the chamber in the past two years.
  • Noem is focused on cutting federal spending, balancing the budget and putting people back to work.
  • Noem considers family values and moral issues when making her votes.
  • Before her career in politics, Noem spent 17 years running the family farm. She has also managed several small businesses.

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