VI State Chairman Named to 2008 GOP Convention COA

RNC announces membership of RNC Committee On Arrangements

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele announced today appointments to the 2012 Republican National Conventions Committee on Arrangements.

“I am thrilled with the team we have begun to put together for the 2012 Convention, these folks will be at the heart of the planning and execution of the convention. The insight and passion of our members will be invaluable as we continue to lay the ground work in the Tampa Bay Area for the convention. The phenomenal response that has already come from the Tampa Bay community coupled with the efforts of our Committee Members, this on track to be the most successful Convention yet.” Chairman Steele said.

The 2012 Republican National Convention will be held the week of August 27th. The St Pete Times Forum will serve as the Convention venue, and the Tampa Convention Center being used for the Media Workspace. It is expected that the convention will be 45,000 people to the region in the 5 day period. It is also projected that the region will see over 150 million dollars in revenue during the convention week.

The RNC Committee on Arrangements will consist of at least one member from each state and the territories. The following members were appointed by Chairman Steele.

RNC 2012 Committee on Arrangements

Linda Ackerman, NCW California
Amanda Adkins, State Chairman Kansas
Dee Dee Benkie, NCW Indiana
Bob Bennett, NCM Ohio
David Cole, State Chairman Missouri
Sharon Day, NCW Florida, RNC Secretary
Luke Esser, State Chairman Washington
Sue Everhart, State Chairman Georgia
John Frey, NCM Connecticut
Holly Hughes, NCW Michigan
Pat Longo, NCW Connecticut
Glenn McCall, NCM South Carolina
Lilly Nunez, NCW Colorado
Randy Ruedrich, State Chairman Alaska
Herbert Schoenbohm, State Chairman Virgin Islands
Norm Semanko, State Chairman Idaho
Paul Senft, NCM Florida
Fredi Simpson, NCW Washington
Joyce Terhes, NCW Maryland
Bob Tiernan, State Chairman Oregon
Joe Trillo, NCM Rhode Island
Helen Van Etten, NCW Kansas
Charlie Webster, State Chairman Maine
Betsy Werronen, NCW District of Columbia
Ginny Haines, NCW New Jersey
Amata Radewagen, NCW American Samoa
Bora Van Dormolen, NCW Texas
Heidi Smith, NCW Nevada

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