Vince Danet Reveals -THE UGLY TRUTH

As our president heads to the Hamptons for his vacation amidst a national crisis, I’ve often wondered why he doesn’t want to state his grand plan for job creation now? I’ve reviewed current events, listened to national & local pundits & have settled on a prediction: Obama will double down with a $1.5 Trillion ‘Stimulus II’ proposal in September 2011 as his jobs plan for our stagnant economy. I further predict that he will have no expectation of successful passage, as he knows House Republicans & Republican presidential candidates will oppose such a wasteful proposal. Also, foreign countries may reject buying our sovereign debt as our AAA rating and future outlook has been lowered by Standard & Poor’s, and at least one foreign ratings agency, Dagong.

Vince Danet 

The real objective will be to blame Republicans for obstructing his policies for growing the economy & producing jobs. Obama & the Democrats know they can’t run on his dismal record of socialist failure, so ‘Stimulus II’ really won’t be a serious proposal, rather a 2012 campaign gambit. Democrats will bank on the tried & true tactic of blaming ‘evil’ Republicans.

Why would I make such a prognostication? Let’s do some unscientific Democrat voter block analysis to see how Democrats use a wedge to sway voters. By the way, this also directly translates to local Democrats, local issues & the very agitated VI electorate.

Democrats historically get people to vote against their own economic best interests because they scare them into believing Republicans are determined to harm them or take away their rights. There are many examples of this demagoguery over the last 50 years.

If we look at gays, Democrats scare them by saying Republicans want to hurt them because they are immoral. Women are kept in line with a wedge issue like abortion. Hispanics are intimidated by immigration & language issues. While not fully truthful, definitely not rational, nor logical, that kind of scare marketing has worked, for the most part, because of it’s appeal to emotions.

Obama & the Democrats have typically taken the black vote for granted, they know they have the black vote locked up, so I’m confused as to why the Congressional Black Caucus is upset that he hasn’t visited any black community during his recent bus tour of middle America. With a 39% Gallup approval rating and an unsteady stock market, the bus tour was targeted to get white people back on board. ‘Stimulus II’ will have plenty of cash to keep the CBC Democrats quiet. So why would Democrats ever want to statistically waste time on black people?

If one were to analyze slavery in any form, over any era, you would likely find the following: A slave-owner had to provide very menial, amenities for free: housing, food, healthcare and a basic education sufficient to the tasking a slave must perform. In return, the slave-owner demanded unquestioning obedience.

Contrast this with what the Democratic Party requires of their constituents: Unquestioning loyalty. In return, they promise to provide free housing, free food, free healthcare & a substandard public education system sufficient to keep people down & voting Democrat. In short, the Democratic Party survives because it keeps its constituency dependent on Democrat sponsored government hand-outs to survive.

The evidence is all around you. Yet many of you will take offense to this thought provoking analysis. The reasonable question I ask you is: “Who’s your master?”

Most rank & file Democrats blindly vote Democrat, year after year, without ever asking what they really got for their loyal vote. I often ask the Democrat loyalists I verbally joust with: “Don’t you realize that you complain about the same issues year after year, yet vote the same shysters back into office?” “Aren’t these the same politicians enriching themselves on our backs, yet never make good on their promises?”

Nationally, the some of the issues are abuse of power, federal overspending, over-regulation & over taxing. Locally, some of the issues are abuse of power, over-borrowing, over taxing, Rum Cover Over & VINGN. You know the culprits on both the local & national levels of government.

I believe most Americans & Virgin Islanders are hard workers who believe in merit & individual achievement; they don’t want handouts. In other words, they’re Republicans in their daily lives, yet don’t realize it. The fix our territory and our country needs will require hard choices with no soft landings; we’re past that.

As our president vacations amongst the rich, private jet owning elite in the Hamptons that he publicly rails against, and while he contemplates what I predict to be the ‘Stimulus II’ campaign gambit which we as a nation cannot afford. It’s time for the rest of us to take a hard look at our personal politics & take back our territory & country. Let’s think for ourselves & do what we know to be the responsible, right thing in 2012.

Vince Danet
St Thomas, VI

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