Where’s Plaskett?

Stacey Plaskett has disappeared into the incumbent protection program in the final 35 days of the general election campaign.

The freshman Democrat congresswoman from Frederiksted has been in hiding since the primary election in August.

“Congresswoman Plaskett is avoiding the discussion that Virgin Islanders expect and deserve of those asking for their vote,” said Republican nominee for Congress Gordon Ackley. “She is avoiding questions about being fined for violating federal campaign finance laws, her violations of congressional ethics rules, her blank financial disclosure filing and why Virgin Islanders should re-elect her when she can’t even deliver something as simple as a Transfer Day postal stamp.”

Plaskett has been under scrutiny since the primary election when news that she had been repeatedly fined thousands of dollars by the Federal Election Commission for violations of federal campaign finance law first surfaced.

Since then Plaskett has had a congressional ethics complaint filed against her after her official congressional office used taxpayer resources for partisan political activity.

It was then discovered that Plaskett filed a blank financial disclosure form with the clerk of the House of Representatives. This raised serious questions of just how Plaskett, who moved from New York to run for Congress, lives when she reports owning no assets over — no house, no car, no stocks, no mutual funds, no bonds, no pension, no 401(k).

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