Results from GOP Territorial Caucus


Republicans from across the Virgin Islands voted Saturday in the Republican Territorial Caucus.

John Canegata was re-elected a third time as chairman. Also re-elected were Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal as national committeewoman and Jevon Williams as national committeeman. Belardo de O’Neal is the second longest-serving committeewoman on the Republican National Committee.

Thirty-eight members of the Territorial Co14021536_1079839772105356_5565060536333949039_nmmittee—19 from St. Croix, 19 from St. Thomas-St. John—were also elected.

The Republican Territorial Caucus was convened in strict accordance with Republican National Committee rules to address legal uncertainty created after the Democrat-controlled Joint Board of Elections refused to conduct a full primary election. Its refusal came despite a ruling by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands that the Democratic and Republican state party offices must be elected territory-wide by each party’s registered voters.

The Republican Territorial Caucus was independently administered by the independent Caucus Committee. The Caucus Committee will certify the results at its meeting Tuesday morning.

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Download (PDF, 56KB)

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